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Great job mama! I am EPing for my almost 4 month old DD who has a swallowing dysfunction. Thanks for the inspiration! I still have days where I want to give up, especially like right now when we are visiting friends and I am stuck hiding in a bedroom pumping. I hope that I am able to do as well as you have! I just keep telling myself that my baby deserves it!

Originally Posted by sunshine987
My son is 8 months old and I'm thinking of switching to this. I have a pretty nice freezer stash and really just want to get through cold/flu season and maybe to one year (end of July).

What would you recommend for me in terms of a schedule and/or milk output goals per session? I work outside the home and am already pumping 3 times during the workdays. He eats in the morning before work, and at least twice at night before bed and then whenever he doesn't sleep through the night, I nurse him back to sleep.

Thanks for the help!
Honestly, I would not give up a nursing relationship if I had the choice. I've done both, and EPing is a much harder road to go down!
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