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Re: Cotton Babies Shipping Problem

Originally Posted by redheadedangels
Thanks Jen! I can't wait to order some ~ however i'm in MO like you and have to pay sales tax Can you fix that too? LOL

And I wanted to add that i think that was such an AWESOME thing you did with your auctions! Did they end well?

Thanks alot!
I can't get around sales tax, I'm sorry! It's against the law NOT to charge it... like, REALLY against the law and you can get in big trouble. We do have an in-store-only coupon right now that definitely makes it worth the trip for locals though. Msg me for details if that applies to you.

The auctions went very well. We closed out at just over $800 total between the four auctions which is almost enough to buy milk for the orphanage for one month. I just cannot imagine having to turn a hungry baby away because you didn't have food for him. We are brainstorming now about other things we can do with bumGenius to help raise money for these kids. In the meantime though, if you want to help, you can still donate here:

100% of everything that comes in will go straight to Sheltering Wings.

Kindest regards,

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