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Re: building a freezer stash

I would say don't wait until 4-6 weeks unless you already know you are prone to oversupply. It is so much easier to really build up a freezer stash if you take advantage of the time before your supply regulates to add in a pumping session. As long as you don't go crazy and only pump one time each day it shouldn't get out of hand. The other thing is that in the first few weeks you are aren't nearly as busy so it is a lot easier to find time to pump. When you are ready to cut out that pumping session your body will adjust pretty quickly. With my first I waited until 8 weeks to start trying to build a stash and I was never able to get more than 20oz ahead of my baby, this time I am able to keep 50oz in the freezer and would have been able to get more had I thought I needed it.

ETA: With my last baby I was really stressed out trying to keep my supply up and not run out of frozen milk. 20 oz in the freezer was what I had when I went back to work, that didn't last me long and I ended up supplementing soon afterwards.
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