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Re: DP is 20 years older than me and...

How long have you guys been a couple? I ask because maybe when they see that you are in it for the long term and not some hussy they'll come around. It's not your fault in the least, but if he has kids then I assume he also has at least one ex. Maybe that ex did him wrong so to speak and they are just being protective. Also someone that much older may have assets that he has earned separately from you and again, they may be worried about your motives. Again this is NOT your problem or fault and kudos for you and your dp for sticking it out regardless of what people say. I am just throwing out ideas as to why they aren't warming up to you right away. If you had a "normal" family as you put it, I am sure they would be just as protective of you. Good luck. Sounds like you found a great guy!!
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