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Re: building a freezer stash

Originally Posted by ladyelmo1 View Post
I always started as soon as my milk came in, both to relieve some severe engorgement and to build a substantial freezer stash, but I work out of the home. .
I don't work outside of the home, but, I also start pumping as soon as my milk comes in. Hard lesson learned after baby #1. I didn't start pumping with her until the engorgement was out of hand. With #2 and every one since, I start pumping as soon as my milk comes in, each time resulting in sixteen or more 5 oz bottles in about 12 hours. Then, in order to get my supply under control, depending on baby, if baby only nurses from one side, the other gets pumped, and usually have to pump in between feedings. This way, by six months old, my supply is normal, and I can get away with only pumping in the evening occasionally. When I didn't do it this way, like with my first two, I had huge oversupply issues.
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