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18-week vertigo

I've had a wonderful pregnancy, hardly any nausea in first tri, and just feeling great in general. Until last week when I started getting these terrible dizzy spells. I'm used to lightheadedness, I've gotten that since I was a teen, but this is different. With this I feel really drunk, like I can't focus on anything because the room is spinning so fast and I feel nauseous. Plus I get sweaty and clammy. After 4 of these episodes in just a few days, and the nurse at my MW office not wanting to see me til today (I called Friday), I went to urgent care. My BP was 106/48 and I was slightly dehydrated. The 'episodes' take 30 minutes at least to recover from, and the last 3 days now I've been waking up dizzy. I'm supposed to play in our church cantata Thursday night, but practicing the English Horn last night brought on another dizzy spell. I go in to the MW this morning, but thought I'd check with you all as well. Does this seem normal? I know dizziness is supposed to happen around this time, but i wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Tell me about your dizzy experiences.
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