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Re: May 2010 DDC

Food- Matt likes to eat a lot too. If he finds food sitting out, he'll sometimes help himself. Sometimes he gets into the cold cereal (we keep it under the dining room table). This morning, he found a half-full bag of kisses on the piano (I gave the kids a few as a reward for helping me yesterday). I gave him one, he took it, but held out his other hand and said "More". When I said no, he grunted at me, threw his kiss on the floor and folded his arms. After a minute, he decided that one was better than none, so he happily got up and ate it. He's so silly!

Clothes- Matt has gotten so funny about his clothes. DH seriously thinks I never get this child dressed because he's always in just his diaper when DH gets home from work. Matt gets up in the morning and takes his pj's off first thing. So I change his diaper and get him dressed. He takes his clothes off for the silliest reasons. If he spills ANYTHING on them, he takes them off and puts them in the hamper. It's VERY rare for him to wear the same outfit for the whole day.
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