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Re: Aug. '11 - April Chat

Yay for peeing! lol healing vibes Amy!

Been busy here. Evan is finally sitting up!!! whoo hoo! no rolling though. Trying to get through this last 6 wks of preK for the girls. Need to get my house in order before the wknd. Dh's family (mom's side) are all going to be here Sunday. bleh. not excited one bit, lol. I was hoping my mom would come too, but it's not looking like it.

We bought a swing set for the girls, and it should be here tomorrow. Hope we can get it put together before the wknd. Garden is going ! stuff is popping up! yay! Got flower seeds planted in the front yard as well. We really need to work on getting stuff done inside now. I'm so tired of stuff being undone. Not for lack of being busy though. Dh and his brother built a deck on MIL's house this wknd! Can't wait for the citywide yard sale next month.I have tons of stuff to sell- mostly kids clothes, but I really need to purge the storage unit so we can get rid of it. (once we get a shed/garage it won't be so bad).

anywhoo- did I mention I dyed my hair? It's red now- lol.
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