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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Craziness! Helllooooooooo everyone!

I guess I'll update too. Lili is tenacious, fiery, uber loving and generally just awesome. She's pretty tiny at 22 lbs but she's average height so I think it's just how she's going to be. She potty trained in February at 21 months, a month later than her big sister. We partially EC'd for quite a while and I sort of knew that she could do it so I gave her a little nudge. It only took 3 or 4 days and bam, all done. She nurses all. the. time. I think Gabi was the same way and the only way we got through that was me getting pg and my milk drying up. I seriously think she would have nursed well into age 3. We're thinking of TTC this month so we'll see how little miss can handle no more mama milk. She's lactose intolerant I think...dairy makes her super gassy and irritable even when she was a baby I had to avoid it. So I hope that her appetite will kick in. I also can't wait for them to share a room! Co sleeping with a toddler is the pits lol.

Anywho we're all doing great. I did have a couple m/c's in the last few months. I have a syndrome that essentially makes my body attack the placenta?! So stuff and it'll be lovenox for me for all my future babies. We'll probably be moving again next year, possibly Florida! I don't care as long as it's somewhere warm hehe. Hope everyone is doing well.
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