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Re: May 2011 Mamas - March Chat

Always had a sprayer...but I haven't really needed it with these girlies.

Sleeping. Nobody wants me to be sleeped deprived. I am NOT a nice person. Incidently my oldest is the same way. She is a BEAR w/o sleep. We all pick our battles and what we focus on and I have always made good sleeping habits a big priority in our house. The girlies one thing is that they do not sleep well alone. I have to put them in the crib within seconds of one another or the one in there gets so worked up she can't go to sleep. I LOVE that though because I was so worried while they were in separate beds in the NICU that they wouldn't bond the same.

They weighed around 16 and 16 1/2 at a year and are both nearly 17 (A may have reached it already) now. Since my others weighed 18, 17, 19, and 17 at a year...I figure these girls are pretty close to catching up to their age in size. But not in anything else! And I'm fine with that. They are miracle babies! J is crawling backwards now and rolling and very proficient at getting exactly where she wants to go! A is still fat and happy and content to slowly roll and every so often make a half-hearted effort to push her little bootie up slightly. She may never crawl . But she hugs and kisses and J will only lean in for a hug. I love this age.
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