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Re: 10 hours of pushing. Yes, I said pushing. Anyone else go long??

Originally Posted by holly6737 View Post
So, wait. She was a HBAC with a T-shaped incision. She pushed for 20 hours. That is the craziest story I have ever heard of. It makes my head explode. She had a partially vertical incision. She was homebirthing. She pushed for 20 hours. Stories like that remind me that God takes care of babies and fools- and in that story, sounds like there were both.
You may want to read the actual story. She did NOT push for that time. She was at 10 cm dilation for 20 hours, yes but if you read through the story, she actually only PUSHED for 3 hours. They spent most of the time getting her into different positions and moving around to encourage the baby to move down because the baby was up high. She also slept, I think, for at least two hours during that time. They waited to break the water too until a few hours before she had the baby.

She had both a midwife AND an OB who had started doing homebirths. They were a short distance away from a hospital and that was an option if needed. She was originally planning to come back to the US and go to Dr. Tate in Atlanta Georgia but found this OB instead.
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