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Re: Choroid Plaxis Cysts on Ultrasound

Had it with my first one at 19 wks. And at 24 wks. And at 30 wks followup. They looked VERY closely and couldn't see anything wrong so basically said not to worry about it. I learned that many babies are even born with them and some can be there throughout their life. Apparently it is more worrisome when it is on both sides, but not necessarily a problem. If everything else looks normal, don't be concerned, it is basically just considered to be a variation of normal.

My 4yo is now a very very bright child, she is reading and writing already. She developed very normally and was actually very advanced in most things, especially language and problem solving. So... I don't think they affected her in any way :-)

Good luck with your ultrasound and I am pretty sure most likely everything will be perfect.
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