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Any ideas to make it to term? - Update!!! -

I have two beautiful daughters that are 28 months and 18 months. Both are the light of my life and mean the world to me. However, they will soon be joined by another precious little one

Both of my angels, however were preterm. Spontaneous labor with both. So nothing really trackable or treatable. They tried to stop labor with both, and failed in even delaying it, let alone stopping it. -- At this point keep in mind I HAVE gone through two preterm babies and know what the normal stuff is and am rather experienced in it all, unfortunately.--

I have taken all precautions I should according to my OB (s, yes two). But it still feels like there should be more then this to do. 17p shots, monitoring me on U/s every 4 weeks until 16 weeks, when we go to every 2 and add stress tests and cervix checks.... no work after 20 weeks unless we see the cervix start to shorten before then..... I mean, I suppose I could go on leave now, but financially this is going to put so much strain on us all as it is, so I am trying to make it to that 20 week mark.

If you have unkind comments, please keep them to yourself. I have had a very rough time with my two children, and I honestly am thrilled to be welcoming my last. But i want to be able to finally bring home my dear little one, rather then leave it in an isolate and stare at a photo or two instead of nursing my child. This is a hard situation, and I am unsure if there is anything more I can do.... But just consider this a pregnant woman's cry for advice and support. This is very exciting and terrifying for me, excitement of course wins out. How could it not, looking at that lil baby?

OMG!! Happily adding to our beautiful family
Three fabulous step girls 15-10, three adorably magnificent miracle girls of my own 5-2.
Not to mention my husband who likes to pretend he's one of the kids

Angel baby May 2011, Dec 25th 2011, and June 2015 . Never held, always loved

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