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Re: Choroid Plaxis Cysts on Ultrasound

Thank you all again, it just means so much to hear others' stories. The baby DID have cysts on both sides and I think the dr said just one and not a bunch of them. An intern did the ultrasound and when she finished the regular tech came in and finished up. She looked at the heart for a LONG time, but I got the impression she was having a tough time getting a good angle. The ONLY abnormality was the cysts, nothing about short femur or kidney, stomach or bladder problems. All those systems looked fine. And the baby measured spot on, like exactly.

*sigh* it's just scary to think about. DH and I didn't talk about it much, I just told him what I found on Dr. Google and we reassured each other that everything is fine, but we also both agreed that SOMEONE has to be in that small percentage.
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