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Re: Aug. '11 - April Chat

Brittney- nope- no shelter here. We have a small coat closet or the bthrm. We've talked about digging under the sunroom to make a space- but there are some shelters around town we could go to if it was seriously close to us. OH and I don't envy that drive... We drive to Michigan almost every year.

Melissa- My SIL lives near Dallas, and one of the tornadoes was only a few miles from her nbrhd.We were def worried! Just so grateful to have never had to deal with one in all my years living in Ks/MO.

Amy- you poor thing! I can't imagine dealing with all the lo's being sick like that!!! hugs and more hugs.

Naomi- yay for a dishwasher!!! Mine sucks but it's still better than doing it all by hand.

Stacey- aww too bad they had to leave. We are working on signing too. My girls still sign a little bit. Evan is saying dada. He just turned 7m's and has 8 teeth so far.

Finally trying to get the photo albums and books put away.Still haven't worked on my dining table. grr. I'm really lacking motivation right now.

ok TMI- So I had 1 period pp. that was end of January. Nothing since. I did test the end of Feb. Anyone have this happen? I do have pcos- so not totally worried, and I am Bf'ing still and not on bc .Just wish I could have normal cycles...

Hey- anyone own a Zumba dvd? do you like it?
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