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LO prefers me engorged. Help?

Hi ladies. My lo and I have been a lucky pair so far. We tuned into bf pretty easily and I have, until now, had an oversupply. She is 5 1/2 weeks old and just finished a growth spurt. I belive my milk has just balanced out cause the only time I am engorged now is late nigh/early morning.

I *think* I have a relatively fast milk flow. It is a little hard to tell because she does not choke or gag. She does eat pretty vigorously, my letdown smarts a good bit, and when I pump I empty a breast of 3 or so ounces in 5 minutes or less. She fulfills herself pretty quickly, eating heartily for about 5 minutes then just kicking it and sleep eating/sucking. Sh also only takes one breast, and she's gained weight pretty rapidly. I definitely don't have a slow flow.

My lo is just happy as a pie to eat when I am full or engorged but as the day wears on, she gets fussy at the breast. She will only suck a couple minutes before taking herself off then rooting to get back on. After a while she'll start flailing and hittng my breast. I'll check my breasts multiple times during the feed and yep, I have milk, so what is the deal? Am I right that she doesn't appreciate the new slower flow? If so, do I pump to increase my supply so that I am full/engorged more often? Do I start afternoon bottles? Wait it out? We are only on our third day of this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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