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Re: * May 2011 Mamas - April Chat*

Look at that sweet chubba baby! So adorable. DS eats tons and tons and will never get that chubby

I'm overwhelmed. Seriously. DS is waking up a few times a night and just clings to me. He won't go to sleep with nursing, or rocking, he won't come into the bed to sleep. I don't know what's going on. The naps are all over the place. I feel like maybe it's time to just implement 1 nap and early bedtime and see what happens after a week. I'm waking up every night anyway, what's the worst that could happen??

Consequently, I'm tired and irritable. With DS and with DH. Nobody is happy.

In other news, I'm dying my hair back to brown this weekend (it's been blond for a few years now.) I'm hoping to get back to my normal hair which is brown with grey. I'd like to see how it looks. I've also lost 7 lbs! Yay! Clothes are starting to fit again!

That's all my news :P
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