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Re: Make mayo?

this is a current project of mine, trying to find a homemade mayo that is healthy and we will eat. i've tried many different recipes, and still haven't found one i liked, so i don't have one to suggest. i've been trying to do a combo of coconut and olive oil, since those are the 2 oils i buy regularly (we also never use soy or canola). 2/3 olive to 1/3 cococnut seems to keep it thick, but liquid enough in the fridge. but i'm HATING the olive oil taste. i just cannot get over it. i haven't even gotten anything close enough to decent to risk letting dh try it. he'd forbid the whole thing (he doesn't get to taste my "experiments" until i've gotten them to the point that i think they taste pretty dang good and i just need his opinion to make an adjustment here or there to suit his tastes, he can't handle the ones that go bad ) perhaps i'll have to try sunflower or grapeseed. i definitely need a different tasting oil. i was hoping not to have to start investing in a whole new one due to this, but after 3 batches with different ratios of eggs and egg yolk, and spices that all taste just nasty due to the olive oil, i admit defeat.

i totally recommend using an immersion blender though. a lot of directions i found for it suggested torturously adding the oil drop by drop in order to get the right consistency. but with the immersion blender, i use a jar just big enough for it to fit in, put in all the ingredients (eggs, spices, lemon juice/acv, etc) in the bottom, and then the oils on top of that. i put the immersion blender all the way to the bottom, and turn it on. wait a few seconds until you see it start to form an immersion, then slowly bring it up to the top, incorporating all of the oil. i usually go slowly up and down a few times for good measure. but i've had perfect mayo consistency everytime, within about 1 minutes. sometimes it's a little runny, but a night in the fridge firms it up to the creaminess you expect

oh, and i don't pasteurize my eggs, but i've seen tutorials for it. i would google it and you'll find something. i know i've seen it out there.
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