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Re: 18-week vertigo

I've had this problem off and on throughout my entire pregnancy, and (like you) I actually have dizzy spells sometimes even when I'm not pregnant. I have talked to my doctor a lot and she said that it could be a lot of things.

First your circulatory system is doing all sorts of weird things (blood flow increases to the uterus which means less for you, many blood vessels dialate). Also, your blood sugar is rocketing around a lot more than normal and it is easy to get really dehydrated. I may have had more dizzy spells than a lot of people because I was close to having gestational diabetes...(I failed the first glucose test but passed the 3 hr test.)

She suggested I try to eat a significant amount of protein at every meal to keep my blood sugar stable and hydrate constantly. That has cut down on a lot of my dizzy spells although they have not completely gone away. I also have had to re-adjust what I am eating and drinking periodically throughout the pregnancy...I feel that as soon as I figure out what is happening, something changes and gets out of whack again. (I'm 31 weeks now.)

Keep talking to your doctor, but the protein and constant hydration might help you. Sounds like you know some of that already, but you're not alone
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