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Re: Restless legs/feet

YES! Take gobs of B6 hon...its nerve related and B6 is an amazing cure for nerve "disfunction" I call it I have RLS whenever AF is here, but also SEVERE RLS when I am preggers...I take 400-500mg, but you might just need 200-300mg. You can't overdose because its water-soluble

Every.single.person I have told about this "cure" has had it work for them, and I am always telling rls sufferers, because it drove me NUTSO with my first pregnancy...started with my 2nd and researched it all out and found B6 to work, and have never had to deal with it since. Whenever I even get a LITTLE tingle now, I take a little extra (on top of whats in prenatals..), and about 15 minutes later its gone. I've also had emergen-c work, but there are other "perky" vitamins in that that can keep me buzzed, and usually the RLS kicks in at nighttime or when I'm most tired/resting/sitting.

Often women are already deficient in vitamin B6, but pregnancy REALLY sucks it outta you, so the RLS gets worse then, because the B6 you do have going in with prenatals and foods, is going straight to growing baby, not replenishing your that's why its so important.

Give it a try!
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