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Re: What does "rainbow baby" mean?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
And infant loss. Even though my Jonathan was born alive, he only lived 27 days, and I will consider a baby after him to be a rainbow baby.

ANY single loss, whether it's a chemical pregnancy or the death of a liveborn infant or anything in between, is a loss and is "sufficient" for the mama to call her next baby a rainbow, IMO. One shouldn't have to reach a "threshold of X number of multiple losses" before they can call their next baby a rainbow.

Bolded that one bit, because I will be grieving the loss of Jonathan for the rest of my life. There is no "getting over" and "moving on" from the loss of a child. I can only find a new normal, a normal without him, and learn to live in THAT, missing him every day. The "aftermath" remains with me forever.

I am trying to be respectful of those that struggle to have babies, and have lost children. (( Which is why 'rainbow baby' isn't in my siggy. I am very conscious about offending )) But the truth of the matter is, this infant{pregnancy} is my rainbow. S/he is a miracle with my high risk and the fact I lost my last pregnancy at 7 weeks. It was absolutely heart breaking. ( on christmas day, too ) I was terrified that with all the scaring I wouldn't be able to go through a pregnancy, as my doctor warned me was possible. She told me I might be able to get pregnant, but not be able to keep it past 12 weeks or so. We are not to 12 weeks yet, but we're to 10.5 . We pray each day the Lord will deliver us this last little package.

Congrats to all mamas that are having/have had their rainbow babies, and many hugs. This thread has made the emotional woman cry.
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