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Re: Are sonograms really safe??

I know that there are risks, but I don't know exactly what those risks are. Unfortunately there are risks with pretty much anything you do though. I had an u/s at 9 weeks so we could see the baby and the heartbeat and that was really cool. (Even though I knew my ovulation date they insisted on doing that dating u/s since they were telling me my due date was off by a week based on LMP) I'll also be having my anatomy scan at 21 weeks, but not to find out the gender. I'm planning a home birth, so I just want to make sure the placement of the placenta is where it should be and Baby looks healthy. I don't plan on any other ultrasounds unless something unforeseen comes up. DH loves the u/s so he can see the baby. I think it just makes it more real for him.
I have heard or read that the u/s makes really loud noises for the baby, but I don't remember where I read that either.
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