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Re: Are sonograms really safe??

Originally Posted by Elijah'sMama View Post
So sorry that sounds so scary. IMO this technology is truly a blessing when it can mean life or death for our babies. Please don't feel bad doing what you have to do to keep your LO safe!!

Thanks mama, it's just scary when you're a mama to a 25 week preemie and a 31 week preemie. They are so high of a risk for so many issues and complications, I'd hate to find out I added to those issues. I feel badly enough that my body does not handle jarring/trauma/stress of any kind. I had 3 u/s with dd1. one when I went in cause we had NO idea what the due date was and the one at 20 weeks.

With dd2 though, we had one for due date, for high risk ***., one at 12 weeks for another high risk check, one at 16 weeks to check my cervix, and one every two weeks after that for cervix checks. The day before I had my daughter ( 31 weeks, 1 day) my cervix had shortened to half it's previous length. Then I fell down an entire flight of stairs, and 25 hours later I had my sweet little girl. It's sad, too cause on that last visit I was given a note to avoid going to work. I wonder if I would have made it to term all the time if I would have gone to work instead
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