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Re: Are sonograms really safe??

Originally Posted by Elijah'sMama View Post
I spent some time last week with an old family friend, she is super crunchy, gives natural childbirth classes, and assists a local home birth midwife. I got the vibe from her that she views routine sonograms as potentially dangerous. Basically an unnecessary risk unless you are having complications. But she didn't give me any reasons or facts about it. Does anyone have any research links about whether or not sonograms are actually safe?
My OB says that they haven't been proven safe or harmful... so I guess the jury is still out as far as scientific research regarding the effects on fetus'. I had read about a study done on mice/rats though... rish I could remember exactly what it said.

Because I'm not high risk, my doc is okay with me just having 1 u/s done for dating purposes during my pregnancies and he lets me wait till after the first trimester. Like week 14. He insists on that one.
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