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Re: Extended breastfeeding and the benefits

I'm glad to read the first post especially. I nursed my first 2 until almost 4 years old each(no tandem). We now live in a different town. Unfortunately my friends here are not accustomed to extended bf. I fear I will face comments and pressure to wean earlier.

I was also happy when I saw the recommendations for nursing a toddler who refused or limited solids. Ds1 ate very little solids for a long time. WIC recommended weaning him so he would eat more. I was afraid he still wouldn't eat if I weaned him. I knew he was getting the majority of his nutrients from me still as he nursed between 8-12 times a day at 2 years of age. Any way because of my fear I chose to ignore WIC and go with my instincts. Now I am really glad I did.

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