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Re: I think it might be time to start tracking those bumps

Originally Posted by mumtwiceover View Post
Yeah - I was confused by that too - I'm Due Nov 1 (maybe 2nd) and am 10 weeks 2 days so I think i am the furthest along!!! Maybe she meant going into the 11th week which is also correct!!!

I don't really do belly pictures since i have so much flab that the belly is really only noticable to me and my husband who are allowed to touch!!! I just get firmer!!!

I am excited to be getting close the the end of the 1st trimester though!!!
Ha, no my obgyn is a moron

She gave me a due date of Nov 4th but on the 2oth of march wrote in my mother pass that I was 8 weeks plus 2.

I am changing doctors this lady is weird.

So does that make me 10 weeks?

My origional due date was Oct 28 this lady keeps moving me all over the place. I have an appointment with somoene else on the 24th
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