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Re: If your water broke first w/ one pregnancy

The doctor kind of bullied me into getting my consent to break my water the 1st time. I was about 6 hours into a 9 and a half hour labor so I don't know when it would've broken on its own.

The second time they kind of had to break my water and I really couldn't have protested. I had pre-e and was in very bad shape. They started the pitocin at 8am and nothing happened for four hours, so the doctor broke my water at 12pm and upped the Pitocin - contractions began immediately. The labor lasted 6 hours, 15 mins from the first contraction til she was born.

The third labor was the only time my water broke on its own. They were actually giving me shots of this or that drug to keep me pregnant longer, because I was only 33 weeks. I went into labor on my own very suddenly and they just couldn't stop it. From the first contraction til she was born was 2 hours, 54 minutes long. My water broke pretty late into that, though. I'd have to check her baby book to make sure it's correct ( bad mom, I know) but from my recollection the water didn't break until just minutes before her birth.

And the last time they broke it for me again, about 4 hours before she was born.
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