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Re: I did not want to spend my next pregnancy terrified

I had my C/S at a "fancy" hospital where they continually told us during the tours that part of their amenities was being completely up to date with the latest research. I had amazing care there and do trust what they told me about pretty much everything.

It looks like I had Percocets while in the hospital (4 days post C/S) and then took home Norcos (generically - hydrocodone 5/325). I specifically asked about what I was being given and the side effects (I am allergic to some medications so this is standard practice for me) and the LC said that although yes, some of the meds may pass into breastmilk, if I needed it to get through the recovery I should absolutely take what I needed as the psychological effects of feeling in too much pain can really screw with milk production, the body's ability to heal, and bonding with baby. Not saying this to scare you, just that if this is a concern of yours, specifically, and you have the means to potentially maybe just know that your mom has it just in case you are desperate, maybe you won't be scared so much? I think a huge part of anxiety is the whole "what if there isn't a solution to what I feel in the moment" and gathering whatever you need to just know it's there can be a good preventative measure.

Also- I have heard that the second or subsequent C/S's are not as bad pain-wise as the first one. I have only had one though so take that for what it's worth
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