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Re: April 2009 DDC Mamas and Cutie Pies Chat Thread *Pic Heavy*

Originally Posted by newbiemama View Post

I don't know how that happened. But Sherry, we are doing the same thing for Cate's birthday. First cupcakes and food at the picnic area, then the zoo. I'm excited because all of her friends from church are coming, so they'll be lots of kids that are HER friends, not just family that we've invited. that's a true sign of growing up!!

And I seriously remember this exact day (her birthday) three years ago like it was yesterday. What I remember the most was DH announcing "It's a girl!" and thinking "I KNEW IT!!". And her first cry.

What do you remember from your 3-year-olds birth day?
I remember complete, I remember asking my friend to take me to the hospital because I was bleeding and having small contractions and her asking me what my birth plan was because we had never talked about it, despite the fact we knew it was coming. I remember thinking she was doing like 80 miles and hour and feeling every little bump in her little car, although I know she wasn't. I remember being sent home with a drs note not to work the next day and getting eyes rolled at me when I came back two hours later. (Sofiya was born 2.5 hours after I was sent home because my contractions weren't steady and I was only a three, "so it could still be days") I remember my mil asking my husband 100 times what her name was despite the fact that we hadn't gotten to hold her yet. In the days following, I remember being so upset that my milk wasn't coming in because that was the only thing I felt I had control over concerning my little nicu peanut. It is so amazing that they are already three. Heck, Sofiya is already 37 months.

Now.... lets see if we can get some photos loaded today!
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