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Re: I did not want to spend my next pregnancy terrified

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
I am working with a midwife who specializes in birth trauma. But I have not yet found an actual counselor.

If I do go for vbac I will not be able to use this midwife. But I am still undecided at this point.

I have a birthing midwife coming on the 18th to talk to me, who I woudl be able to hire for the birth if I do go that route.

My biggest issue was them weaning my ibuprofen. I think next time if I have a csection I woudl just bring my own, my midwife even said I could take moreafter I was home then they had me weaned to in the hospital. The drs here are very weird about meds, they started weaning me on day 2 and telling me to wait any time I asked for pain meds or refusing dosing times.
I would absolutely bring some to the hospital if that would ease your mind. I hope your consult with the new midwife goes well, and I bet she could point you in the direction of a good therapist. Mine was able to give me a referral to one that I really connected with. It's a tough decision. Something to think about is not just this birth. What if this experience turns out to be the polar opposite of your first and you want more kids?
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