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Re: Expat mamas how do you make friends?

I found in Emmendingen they offer migrationsberatung, which is basically emigration counseling for free since I am a resident. They say they offer counseling services and cover topics such as integration problems. So i plan to call them once I get my car. i am sure I am not the first immigrant who had trouble intergating into my community an din turn isolating themselves.

I am also looking at vereins our area has over 40 of them. The catholic church has a huge womens group, I really was tempted to call and ask if they would allow me to join if I am protestant but i am not sure if they will since we are registered and pay tax to our affiliated religion which entitles us to benefits there, but we are in a catholic area so the protestants are itsy bitsy.

i was going to look for a bilinguial church in a bigger city. I like the ones that do social events, sunday school ect, but the small village ones just dont seem to do any of that.

So I am looking around.

I am waiting for them to finish my car and then I will have much more options. I have extreme anxiety traveling on public transport, so I am hoping with a car I get out more.
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