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Re: What brand rice cereal did you start on?

Originally Posted by cpendergraff View Post
What are the benefits? What's the purpose of doing grains first? Vs jumping into fruits veggies
Rice cereal really has no nutritional benefits. If you make it yourself then it won't have iron in it which is usually the only reason peds want babies eating it. But I'm not going to have my baby's first food be highly processed, white rice If you are worried about iron, then you can do meat, or iron supplements. But I have never worried about my kids' iron levels.

Originally Posted by greencarnation View Post
My LO is 8 months and I am not introducing grains until 12 mos. Early intro of grains can lead to gluten intolerance. Rice cereal has no nutritional value and EBF babies do not need extra iron. Currently, he doesn't eat enough to talk about, but he has tasted peppers, onions, beans, and apples.
Yes, this is one of the big reasons, I'm holding off on grains too. Many family members have recently found out that they are intolerant to gluten. Many of their health problems have cleared up once they cut out gluten. So I'm not introducing grains as a first food, but fruits and veggies.

Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
This. But my lo is 5 months. I've just started giving him bits of food. Cereal will/can constipate them as well. Food before one is just for fun. Their nutritional needs are met through breast milk. If you are really worried about iron deficiency, they make liquid vitamins for babies.
I agree with this too!
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