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Re: April 2009 DDC Mamas and Cutie Pies Chat Thread *Pic Heavy*

:aww: She's too cute!

M doesnt have many friends her age since we have moved. She will soon enough though. Zoo and cupcakes (or pupcakes like she calls them) always make for a fun day!

I remember being so nervous in the OR (repeat c-section). Andrew leaned over and asked if I still thought boy and I said I would bet money on "Holmes" being a boy. A few minutes later my OB said "You have a big beautiful baby girl!" and I lost it. I was bawling, thinking of Breanna and how she had a little sister, we have two daughters.

I don't know if I posted in here, I know I did on the June 2012 board, but we couldn't wait anymore with Murgie. We found out last tuesday that it's a boy!
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