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Re: * May 2011 Mamas - April Chat*

Looks like our thread is in the doldrums.

Here's where I am. I think I have PMDD. I've never had any issues with PMS prior to now. My period came back last month (ugh) and I kept track of moods and such. I'm expecting AF any day now and am having the same symptoms. Serious irritability and anger at DS. It's hard because then I feel guilty for getting so frustrated and snapping at him. He's a baby for crying out loud. This morning I just laid in bed and didn't want to get up or deal with the day at all. The daytime has been better today, so I expect I'll see AF soon. Lots of irritability and sadness. Not sure how I'm going to approach this, but if it keeps up and isn't just my hormones fluctuating due to reappearance of AF, then I'll get to the Dr. and see what she thinks. Considering buying some B vitamins as well since I've used those before as a mood enhancer. It's strange, it seems to only last for a few days, right at the end of my luteal phase. Apparently classic PMDD.

I do know that I have a slight anxiety disorder and some OCD so maybe the hormones are exacerbating that a bit. I don't know. This whole discussion probably belongs over in the Mental Health forum, but I know you ladies.

Anywho, that's it. Not much else besides crazy teething and busy/active DS getting into EVERYTHING. Bought myself a Girasol Amitola Purpura woven wrap. GORGEOUS. Now I just have to get the hang of wrapping DS up in it!! Harder than the youtube videos make it look!
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