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Re: Expat mamas how do you make friends?

I'm in Korea. I also wanted from the beginning to get more integrated and make Korean friends. I've been here three years and don't have any expat friends. Nothing against other expats, but I think in the long run it helps me adjust, although the first year was quite lonely for me.

I've made friends from mostly two places... church--our church has only 40 people, and actually no one my age, but they are so welcoming they have really made Korea home for me. Also, I don't understand the sermon perfectly, but my language skills are always improving.

The other way I've made friends, which I don't think anyone has mentioned, is through my husband's coworkers. He invites other young couples/young families over for dinner quite often, which I really enjoy. Before I became pregnant and got hit with morning sickness, we also invited groups of coworkers over for "English cafe." Koreans love practicing English, so it was quite popular, and we would just serve coffee and cookies and think of a few icebreakers and conversation topics for each night. It was just casual fellowship together~ something I really needed.
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