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Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs has some great easy patterns. That's where I started. My favorite is the Fitted Diaper with Velcro. Diaper Shop is a good place for finding diaper making materials. Honestly, anything absorbent can be made into a diaper. Old receiving blankets, Tshirts, towels, whatever! I do suggest though, that you get good quality elastic and some Aplix from a place like Diaper Shop for the closure - Velcro brand is just crummy! (at least when I've used it...) I love using sherpa for the inside, it's so soft and snuggly! Flannel seems to stain the easiest, but you can always line with fleece or sherpa (sherpa is pricey and can be hard to come by..). T shirts and other jersey/cotton knit fabrics are great for the outer layer. Hemp is super absorbent and so is micorfiber - great for the internal soaker! If you want faster drying diapers, make the shell and then sew the soaker seperately and lay it in the diaper for use - sewn in soakers tend to take longer to dry. With a heavy wetter, you'll probably like the lay in soakers better anyway as it gives you customizable absorbency. HTH!
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