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Re: Any ideas to make it to term?

What's the cause??? Does your cervix dialate early??? I have contractions and an irritable uterus the whole time.... my first was a preemie... my other 2 made it to 37 weeks... one I was bedrested with from 20 weeks on - did stop contractions any ways (Procardia, Terbutaline, and a week on Mag. Sulfate) possible but cervix just didn't dialte till 37 weeks and she came super fast... .my other one I continued to work till 34 weeks when contractions and teaching just got to be too hard.... and he came at 37 weeks also.... with this one its pretty much the same as with my last one... I'm 35 weeks now.. with regular contractions but cervix isn't doing too much... and I've done nothing different this time than I did with any of the other ones....

Have the dr.s given you any idea why you tend to go early? And how early were your babies?
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