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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Hi Heather! Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear you've been struggling on the TTC front. Now that you know what the problem is, will that allow you to take preventative measures that can reduce the likelihood of future m/c? I hope so!

I am so torn about TTC#3... when DH and I think pragmatically about it, we both agree that we're probably best to be done with LOs... finances would be stretched even further, not sure we could get 3 car seats in our current car, we're just about done with diapers, right now we're not outnumbered , etc., I could go on, they're all the "typical" reasons not to have a 3rd baby. But, then I see a pg woman or a nb sleeping peacefully with that perfect heart-shaped mouth they have... and, well suddenly I'm not so sure. I would be sad to never be pg again, to never bf again, and DH will readily tell anyone that he loves babies And then there's the fact that Amelia loves babies and I just know that she would adore being a big sister, in a way that DS never really got into being a big brother when she was a baby (he plays well with her now, but he's "just not that into" babies)... Sigh... Guess I've got baby fever.

We've been talking about it more and more as Amelia's 2nd b-day approaches (only 2 more weeks!), and the more we talk about it, the more I think we're both realizing that we really do want another. Anyone else made the decision to have another LO, even when the logical side of you told you maybe you shouldn't?
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