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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Yes! I am always trying to spread this message--they're diapers, for crying out loud. They do heavy-duty (or should I say doody? lol) work and they get heavy-duty laundering. I mean, think of what you're washing! I once told someone that you'll find people online who will have the most complicated wash routines, like "full cold wash cycle with the faintest whisper of soap, followed by a hot wash with 1.47 tsp of Rockin' Green, then five cold rinses: one with vinegar, one with unicorn fart, and one with pixie dust, then two with nothing" but all you need to do is use a normal amount of detergent in a hot wash, and 9 times out of 10, you'll be okay.
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