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Re: Anyone want to tell me about the Austin, Texas area

The Austin zoo is really ... different. I don't remember the price being that high, but I haven' been to SA zoo - The one here in Houston is like $14 per adult, and I remember paying $8 per adult to get into the Austin zoo. That was last year. It feels way out in the country, a bit of a drive down windy roads, I got lost on my way there - but it's kind of cool because the setting is pretty natural. In Houston the zoo is smack dab in the middle of the hospital district, which is weird, as you have life flight helicopters flying low overhead while you're watching the giraffes eat. In Austin there isn't such a stark contrast between the zoo atmosphere and the surrounding landscape.

My inlaws live in the Cedar Park area, just northwest of Austin. It seems really family friendly, lots to do. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about Austin proper. Good luck in your transition!
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