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Re: Relief from terrible Vericose Veins during Pregnancy?

I've had them since I was about 15 or so. It's mainly genetic for me - runs heavily in both sides of my family.
Blood thinning won't help - as the PP mentioned, it's about the valves. Once they're shot, that's it. What can help is exercise, especially walking, since muscle contraction pushes the blood back up to the heart. Being a healthy weight is important. Wearing support hose during pregnancy can help. Elevating your legs whenever you can helps. Don't cross your legs or sit on them, if you can help it. Some say that taking vitamin E helps - improves elasticity in all tissues...? Don't know for myself.
I've found that the veins are most painful when they first "pop". It eases up after a while. When I first developed a vaginal varicose vein with pregnancy #3, it was AGONIZING. But, with baby #6 now, it doesn't bother me too much anymore.
My legs look really, really bad, but someday, I'm hoping to have them fixed, and for now, I'm just trying to focus on the joy of new little lives! What's the creation of an eternal soul compared with some temporary pain and ugliness?
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