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Smile Grovia AI2s and FB Inserts - Ottawa

Ok, I'm totally new to selling so please bear with me if I totally don't get what's going on (and feel free to clue me in)

I think the shipping will be quite a bit but if anyone can offer guidance I would totally take it, and I'm happy to look up what the shipping is on any serious offers. If you are in Ottawa, I'm in Rockland but would be happy to deliver as far as Stittsville for a purchase over $25 if you pay in advance on Paypal. If you're close (Orleans,Rockland) then no worries, unless you're planning to buy 1 insert or something... gas is expensive!

I have: 4 Grovia Ai2 covers, two with velcro, two with buttons. I was planning to use them mostly as covers so I only have 3 inserts

These have been worn less than 10 times, we're just more into the pockets so no need to keep them.

Owls, Cosmos, Nature, Mod Flower

No stains on anything (I don't think they ever saw poo, actually, she only poos every second day). You can tell the inserts have been washed a couple of times but other than that they look brand new.

I have 15 FB OS inserts that are brand new, never been used (I hate the feel of microfibre so I bought other ones).

Good for somebody who is tired of battling the stinkies and just wants to replace them

I also have 5 FB inserts that are slightly wider and shorter, I must have gotten them with the smalls since I bought way less of those.

Finally, I have two adorable Lil Joeys.

A little pilling, but other than that brand new. I bought them when my preemie hit a month old because I was tired of all this huge ones, but the shipping was slow and I only got a few uses of them. No stains. I'll take more photos for serious inquiries at your request, it's just a pain transferring from phone to computer.

OH! And a Planet Wise diaper pail liner in brown, also never used. I love it, but baby was premature and ended up not getting a pail, just using the wet bags (which I LOVE, but I would have loved that liner too). It's not in the packaging but it has never touched a dirty diaper or even anything with our germs on it, just sitting in a closet.

Now, for pricing (crap, does this mean I have to figure out what things go for?):

4 Grovia Shells + 3 Liners: $50

Shell and Liner: $15

Just Shells: $12 each

Lil Joeys, Crimson: $22 for both. I secretly want to keep these.

20 brand new FB inserts: $25. Make me an offer for a portion of them.

Planet Wise Pail Liner: $15

Everything washed in Rockin' Green, except FB inserts were never washed. We have a dog but he is hypoallergenic and doesn't shed, and doesn't go in the baby room anyway.

Shipping not included, but will deliver if possible. Willing to consider splitting the shipping for a big enough order, though, or if you help me find a good deal Open to negotiation, all of it. E-mail me at for photos, I had them in here but because I have only posted a couple of times they don't let me do links yet. I'll do some posting and come back, but feel free to e-mail - everything is in pristine condition because everything else I have, I'm using
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