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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

Originally Posted by checkyourbrakes View Post
I can't really have loads of accidents while we learn from each other, but I really want to start when she's born. I've been trying desperately to find a good cloth diaper option. I want one that will absorb a pee but let me know immediately that she's going. The CDs out these days are as absorbent as disposables and have covers built in to prevent leaks- but this would leave me clueless when she pees. I'm pretty sensitive, I plan to BW and offer her potty opportunities frequently, so I think we'll get into the flow fairly quickly, but I don't know what sort of diaper to buy in advance. The thing I don't like about prefolds is that they aren't at all fitted, and they seem like they'll be more work to get in and out of than the velcro or snap AIOs. I saw one contour that seemed like a possible solution. I wish I could just find cloth training pants that would fit a NB. I wouldn't mind buying multiple sizes. Nature Babycare looks great- too bad the smallest size won't fit till she's nearly 9mo old from what I'm reading. Any suggestions?
I have had this same question myself. I work part time and so I've had to do a mix of ECing and CDing with my 2 little ones. Here's the conclusion I've come to.... when you are around the house and are able to be watching/holding her frequently, I would go with prefolds or plain fitted diapers (Goodmama or Motherease one size are good examples of adjustable fitteds). Thinner fitteds and prefolds will allow you to feel when she is going, and they are good for one catch. The thing about plain fitteds is that they are not waterproof (they don't have a PUL outside like AIOs do.... so if you want to go with fitteds, then get yourself a couple covers (thirsties are good) for those times like car rides or if someone else is watching her. Or you could get a few pocket diapers that are more like disposables for those times when you're not able to watch her and you need her to stay dry.

Honestly, the prefolds are not really that much work- get yourself one of those prefold bands or make one (it looks like a giant scrunchie) to put around baby's waist. Then when she needs to go, you just pull the prefold down and let her go and then tuck it back into place. And if there's an accident, you're still ok.... just change the prefold. If you get some inserts, they can work in a similar way- just put the elastic prefold band around her to hold it in place. For those first few months before she becomes mobile, I would get some waterproof mats or large changing pads (you can usually find them for fairly cheap at thrift stores/ yardsales. Lay her down on one of those with a prefold underneath her. If you have a miss, it's ok- just change the prefold. Also get some extra containers to have handy, so you're not having to rush all over the house with a baby that has to go, hunting for the little potty.

I have a friend who ECs her babies too... and she made herself some training panties for when they were about a year old... you can just get some extra absorbancy material and sew it into regular 2T panties.... the extra cushion ends up making the panties seem smaller than 2T.... I'm sure you could do the same with 12 mo panties if you could find them. There may be some available online too. idk.

Hope this helps. There's no right or wrong way of doing EC... just stay relaxed and find a groove that works for you. You may have friends or family that don't understand why you are ECing, but the reward comes in those precious moments when you connect with your baby. Good luck!
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