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I missed my 6-week check up, and finally went in last week! My mood swings have been awful. I got my first pp AF and it's been horrendous. Ive never had a period like this. Ever. And it's been
Lingering for three. Now I'm getting cramps, and cravings, and it's starting all over again before it ended! :-(

Hugs, Justineybean. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.

I've been trying to decide our plans for BC. We haven't been using anything. My doctors won't prescribe BC pills because I have really bad migraines and my age. They worry about me having a stroke. My hubby won't go for the big V lol. He's scared. I won't have my tubes tied because I guess I'm not quite ready for the finality of no more squish in the belly. So I'm left with Mirena, and I'm not sure about having something foreign in my body ALL.THE.TIME.

Nothing quite like your own little one <3.

So I've been having a difficult time with my gift. The first WAHM didn't get back to me. Now I'm waiting for my second WAHM. Trying to still have hope! Lol.

My poor baby has been sick. But, on a good note, I finally got her to sleep in her crib! Going on three days now ;-). The downside is that i was so full after the first day, i knew i was going to have a plugged duct. Naps are still a struggle for us, as she just won't sleep!

Juliabell, hope your days are getting better and the sunshine lifts your mood <3. We've finally started having some spring weather!!

Have a great day, mamas! We're getting so close to the one year birthdays. Except watermelon, you beat us to it ::
Life is not tied with a bow, but it is still a gift.

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