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Re: Midwife Users Check In :)

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
I had an OB with DS1 (induction due to cholestasis), and then midwives from that same practice with DS2 and DS3. I liked my midwives, but the one with DS3 wasn't any more natural-minded than most OBs.

So far, I've been seeing an OB with this baby. My old practice and hospital is over 60 miles away, and I need something closer to home this time. Unfortunately, there are no midwives within 50 miles of my town .
I am in Georgia too! We are in the metro Atlanta area. My oldest son is also a May 07 baby.

I just had my first MW appointment today and I am in LOVE with the practice. It was so refreshing to tell them I am still breastfeeding DS2 (15 months) and to get "excellent" as a response. They are also moving to a new office next week which is supposed to be much larger than the one they are currently in.

I feel like I will finally get the birth I've been hoping for since DS1. I had OBs with my first two because I didn't think I could find a midwife that our insurance would cover. There are many things that I'd change about the labor and delivery of my first two boys. I talked with my midwife today about some of the issues from the last birth and she couldn't believe that doctors get away with stuff like it. It's just inappropriate really. We're talking about having a baby which women have done successfully without doctors for thousands of years.

I'll be delivering in a hospital because there are NO birthing centers within 2 hours of me. Isn't that sad? I live in such a huge city and there isn't ONE. Although, one is scheduled to be opened in March 2013 but that's a little late for this baby. The hospital I'm delivering at offers water birthing so I am SO excited for that. I believe homebirths in this area aren't quite legal? Not 100% on that though.
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