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Toddler Tooth Trauma

My 2.5yo dd did a faceplant two weeks ago and knocked one of her front top teeth loose. There was a lot of bleeding and screaming... but we both calmed down pretty quickly and I took her for an emergency appointment with her pediatric dentist. Boy was I glad that I had taken her for a few regular dental checks before this - she was perfectly happy to sit in the chair and let the dentist take x-rays. I was amazed. The dentist told us that it looked like there was a good chance that the tooth would heal itself back up, gave us a prescription for an antibiotic, and a list of restrictions (soft foods, no sippy cups, no sucking thumbs, etc.) and sent us on our way with a follow-up appointment scheduled for two weeks (yesterday afternoon).

Since the injury, she's done rally well. The tooth has firmed back up. It did slightly change colors, which I knew might be expected (looks somewhat yellow/purple, which is basically a bruise in the tooth). Yesterday at the appointment, the dentist took more x-rays - she did really well with this again, sitting in the chair by herself and holding perfectly still - and said that the root looks infected and he needs to extract the tooth. I was not at all prepared to hear that! Has anyone had an experience with this kind of a situation? From the reading I've done online, infections are usually associated with pain in/around the tooth and redness and swelling of the gums, but she doesn't have any of that. If it's inevitable that there will be a problem and we can take care of it now by pulling the tooth, okay, that makes sense to me... but my mom-sense is going crazy. Pulling the tooth will require sedation, which to me is even scarier than the extraction itself! I'm taking her to another dentist this afternoon to get a second opinion, since I feel like I need to be really confident that it's the right choice before doing something as drastic as pulling the tooth.

I should add that while I'd like her to keep the tooth to avoid her having a more difficult time with speech and eating for the next five plus years, the look/vanity consideration is a very small part of my concern. I know that some dentists offer a pulpotomy / baby root canal type procedure; I would opt to have the tooth pulled rather than put her though that.

I guess I'm looking for any advice from any moms who have had this happen? TIA!
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