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Re: Turkey Babies Chat 4/13-4/15

Originally Posted by Amaggiepie View Post
Hey ladies! Sorry some of you are feeling so sick. The MS is generally better for me now, so I'm hopeful that the end is in sight. I can eat red meat again, though not ground, although touching is still a no no. I'll be 11 weeks Wednesday so that's exciting.

We did our tour of the birth center today. It was really nice, even though Carlos doesn't know how to drive and missed our turn and got us lost, then got mad at me for wanting to go somewhere far away. So he pulled over and I got us un-lost and found it right away. Men. On the plus side, we were only 20 minutes late. The class was great because he got to hear a lot of the natural birthing and non-interventionist care stuff that I spew from a (male) midwife with a zillion years experience, so I think he thinks I'm a little less crazy now. We didn't get to do the whole entire tour because there was a lady giving birth in room 1 and she had like 15 people with her so they had taken over the common areas. We saw room 2 which was okay, the wallpaper is horrendous, and room 3, which I LOVED, it was very bright with a monet print over the low bed, cream furniture, and an attached jacuzzi room separate from the bathroom. Room 1 also has a jacuzzi so I'm going to ask to see it and the common areas when I have my first appointment Thursday. Anyway, after the class, Carlos said, "It's a lot more comfortable than the hospital" and agreed to use them...which is probably the best I could have expected from him after all his griping about the drive and how dumb it was to come so far from home when we have hospitals close to us.

@Cherrycoke - I'm really excited for my appointment Thursday!!! I hope your ovary is cyst free and that you're able to use the center. Everything seems awesome there! Maybe we can grab lunch or something after our appointments? I don't know that area very well so I have no idea what's good. I should PM you.
I am SO glad you both liked it!! And that he is now even more on board!! That is wonderful!

I sure hope you two ladies get to meet! I think that would simply be the neatest thing ever!!!

Originally Posted by clatchford2011 View Post
I am getting a referral appointment I am not sure how I want to word WHY I want to switch providers. I am going to have to try
The referral process is easy here at Jackson...I just had to call and leave a voicemail for my PCM, then they called and made me a new referral. I think I would simply say that you don't feel that the two of you are on the same page....hmmm that is a hard one though isn't it? Good luck Catie! I am sure everything will go just fine!
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