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How to get her to fall asleep on her own..

My 9month old, she still has two naps a day. She nurses every three hours around the clock. I don't mind that she isn't sttn yet. Totally fine by me. But how do I get her to fall asleep on her own?? Sometimes she'll fall asleep when nursing and I can put her down. Most most of the time it doesn't happen, and takes me an our just to get her to go to sleep. I hate CIO, so i try to rock her a bit, and put her down when she is quiet. But soon she starts the screaming. I try to see if she will stop on her own, not too long, and not to rush in there. But she won't unless I rock her to sleep totally. And even then she is resisting. She has a pretty good schedule that works for her. I am just can't spend that much time getting to go sleep every day. With my first two, I just rocked them less and less and it only took about a week to get them to go to sleep on their own. They both used soothers, and Charlotte doesn't. Any suggestions would be great.TIA
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