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Re: What does your toddler eat for lunch?

DD is 26 mos...she eats "main dishes" for lunch like cold cuts (ham & buffalo chicken are favorites), noodles (any kind, but particularly ramen ), PB sandwiches (w/ jam, bananas, or sometimes fluff), tuna/egg/chicken salad sandwiches...she loves hummus--in a sandwich, on pita chips, pretty much any way you serve it up, & on days when DCP is particularly struggling w/ DD, Beefaroni soothes the savage beast. She'll eat fresh fruit, applesauce, dried fruits, or even the Motts fruit snacks w/ her lunch. Sometimes she has some pretzels or veggie straws, sometimes a slice of cheese. She will snack on nearly anything (crackers, pretzels, fruit, granola bar, etc.), & is a kid who would rather have a series of snacks throughout the day, rather than 3 larger "meals", though she usually eats a good amount for breakfast, an okay lunch, & then picks at dinner, though she usually has an afternoon & a before-bed snack.
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