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Re: What does your toddler eat for lunch?

My 14 month old is also in daycare 2X per week. I usually send:

Breakfast: french toast cut into cubes (she eats when she first gets there), but she could also have this for lunch, or pancakes with cottage cheese mixed into batter, or scrambled eggs with a little cheese

Snacks: sometimes cubed cheese - havarti is her fave! :-) ; grape tomatoes cut into pieces (she always gets this); banana; tj's jarred peaches cut up; avocado; cut up peeled pears.


Veggie from the night before - broccoli or asparagus are faves.

Sweet potato. I almost always send sweet potato.

Today I sent a black bean burger that I made from dry beans with cheese. (She ate some last night, but not too into it.)

Pasta with sauce (not a fave.)

Quesadilla (black bean and cheese)

Grilled cheese (not warm when she eats it, but she doesn't seem to mind. I suppose I do this because otherwise sandwich would fall apart, and she'd just eat the cheese. I also make it in the am when I make her breakfast, so it's not leftover from night before.)

Fritatta is a good option, but she doesn't enjoy it (even though she loves her eggs.)

I used to make cream cheese sandwiches with a little fruit jam, but she now rejects them.
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